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03 Sep, 2010



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Simple sidescrolling shooter about a cowboy who is also a robot.


Ah man… Gunbot. That was the random-est story for a game development. Let me explain why the story is so random. 1 - Etienne quickly told his idea of a story to Marc, something like “It’s a story about a stolen artifact, you need to retrieve it or everybody dies.” Then asked him give me 6 illustrations based on that story. Go. 2- Marc does the illustrations based on the deep story and gives them to me. 3 - Etienne ask me to write the story. After hours of writing text under the illustrations, the result sucked, of course. 4 - I tell Etienne, “Since the story suck, let me write something that REALLY suck” And so I did. I started writing down whatever came to my mind when I looked at the art. 5- People loved it. We rushed that game so hard. I don’t take a lot of pride from that game, even if people loved it. The whole game was done in 3 weeks. Scoop, it’s a complete reskin of Swordless Ninja, the cute game we did a years earlier. I was ashamed of the music and sound design, which I did in a day. But even today, people asked us where they can download the soundtrack. It’s one of those game where the developer don’t really like, but people loves. I…. don’t… understand.


  • A robot
  • and his gun


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Daily 3nd Place" Newgrounds, 2008

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Some men are not looking for anything logical. They cannot be easily bought, criticised or reasoned with. They just want to hit large ugly things very hard with a large blunt object and collect large amounts of currencies.

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