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Based in Quebec City, Canada

Release date:
12 December, 2012

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He's big, he's balding, he still lives in his mother's basement and he's back for another round.


Inflict pain and suffering to our Geek in twelve different manners, toss him across the beautiful lush landscapes of Berzerk Land, beat him senseless in various mini-games, break his spirit by unlocking brand new attacks, share the fun and gang up on him with friends, you can even scar him emotionally using our revolutionary make-over machine!


  • Features a complete leveling system to accomodate every geek bashing style.
  • All sort of awesome weaponry.
  • Mini games? Yup.
  • Brutal Powerups? YUP.
  • Headbanging Metal soundtrack? OHGODYUP.
  • Geek Makeover machine? That's in there too.
  • Full fledged dating simulator? Only one way to find out!


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There are currently no screenshots available for Berzerk Ball 2. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


There are currently no gifs available for Berzerk Ball 2. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Action/Graphics/Mobile/Overall." FGL's In your face, out of nowhere, suprise, mystery, ninja awards 2012
  • "Daily Feature and monthly 2nd." Newgrounds, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Berzerk Ball 2 is the latest in the series of action games that demonstrates how hitting-stuff-with-other-stuff will never get old."
    - Tricky, Jayisgame
  • "My girlfriend had to literally smack the phone from my hand at one point because I would not put the game down."
    - RedJeans, Siradio
  • "Another great example of what a Freemium game should be."
    - Bernardo EspaƱol, Nardio
  • "Who needs swords when you can have construction machines?"
    - Cassandra Khaw, usgamer.net

About Berzerk Studio

Some men are not looking for anything logical. They cannot be easily bought, criticised or reasoned with. They just want to hit large ugly things very hard with a large blunt object and collect large amounts of currencies.

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Berzerk Ball 2 Credits

Berzerk Studio

Jan Willem Nijman
Game Designer, Vlambeer

David Holysin

SilverJack Studio, Etienne Bergeron

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks