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Get Frantic with Frigates... again! Berzerk Studio's freakishly realistic Canadian piracy simulator is back with 200% more challenge, fun, booty, scurvy and wenches. Saddle up lads,'Tis one ain't be for the feint of heart! Events in this game are 100% accurate. It's the kind of stuff that happens casually here in Canada.


Frantic Frigates 2 is the sequel of our massive 20+ million views hit on Web and Mobile. The first installment of the Frantic Frigate franchise was critically acclaimed, won multiple awards and was front page on all major portals. It has been on the "Top 5 action game of all time" on Kongregate, was the 1st Daily Feature over on Newgrounds, was front-paged on gallons of sites (NotDoppler, AddictingGames, ArmorGames, Newgrounds, Kongregate to name a few) and got ravings reviews like "Nifty Piece of nautical action" 4.4/5 on JayIsGame, "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" 9/10 at Nine Over Ten and "Exciting!" A- from the awesome A.V.Club. With that kind of success we can only have high hopes for the latest in the series.


  • Countless Pirate Ships, we dare you to count them all, DARE YOU.
  • A mountain worth of Pirate Booty, the treasure kind.
  • Pirate Sharks, the kind of shark you never see on Shark Week but really wish you would.
  • Gallons of Pirate Puns, because we think we are hil-a-ri-ous.
  • Pirate Cancer, cause pirates are people too.
  • Enough hours of gameplay to cause serious irreversible nerve damage to your legs.
  • Insane replayablity value, to a point where you will never want to leave the bathroom ever again.
  • Over the top cinematics.
  • Space, cause why the frigg not.
  • A soundtrack that will make you instantly regret not wearing adult sized diapers.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Action Game, Best Audio, Best Overall game." FGL Ninja Awards, 2013
  • "Winner of the most accurate Canadian Piracy Game." Lachhh's own opinion, 1 April, 2014

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About Berzerk Studio

Some men are not looking for anything logical. They cannot be easily bought, criticised or reasoned with. They just want to hit large ugly things very hard with a large blunt object and collect large amounts of currencies.

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Frantic Frigate 2 Credits

Berzerk Studio
Developers and all-around cool guys and gal

Jod Lamarche
Sound Design

Dominik Hauser, Pierre Gerwig Langer, Jonathan Adamich, Omnitica, Mozart

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